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This wikia is based around a lore, the lore consists of 3 main areas:


The Maze

and The Mirror Realm.

F-Science which is the main area integrated into the lore with The Maze being a predecessor to F-Science, the lore is closely linked towards each other with the story tangled&intricate.

F-Science is aforementioned the main part of the lore. F-Science is a science facility being founded by a single man. It's the place where all the original torture originated and where most of the story is based off of.

The Maze is a nickname given by someone. Nobody knows its true name and not many know its purpose. It lies right under F-Science deep underground and is one of the most heavily decayed areas in the entire lore. It's important to the story as of what happened in the past.

The Mirror Realm is a dimension close to ours, it's tangled into The Maze and is a place of deceit, lies and "here resides the truth".

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