Asanti Scout is one of the main official monsters of the lore.


Her father worked in the facility, since the very day it started. He worked in the cryogenic labs, but was never around at home to see his wife and daughter. Asanti was diagnosed late, with stage 4 cancer, untreatable in this era. In a panic, her father froze her in a cryogenic chamber, frozen in time in 16 year old form, as he worked on a cure.

However, the new GRO: Project had started up, rather fast.. he was pulled from his office for once to come help open the poorly funded project. He Died in the 'accident', his daughter left undiscovered, forgotten, in her chamber above.

Fast forward 500 years, the CEO himself, wandering his old facility, dark and dreary, rotting and falling apart. When cryogenic chamber 101.. opened.

Character Desc. S01-S02, [ Human ]

She can take care of herself for sure, but she hates being alone. She made an attachment to Alexander, the Facility CEO, and an inseparable bond, no matter how much pain he causes. Enduring all the pain, just staying alive, she would do anything to save the people around her, often putting her in danger.

Character Desc. S02-PRESENT, [ Monster ]

After multiple instances of physical and sexual abuse, along with childbirth and the loss of those children, she remains strong but deeply depressed. Still following Alex around, but unable to find any connection with him anymore. However, the emotional ties are stronger then ever, and slowly strangling her.

How long can she cope before breaking?